Sunday, April 7, 2013

We all age by time.

Age is felt building in you. Making you weaker mentally & physically.

Age is time. All the experiences that are in time that one goes through. The good ones. The bad once. The worst ones. It keeps on adding to your life. It slowly becomes a baggage.

The baggage of time goes on weighing heavier. Only he can feel the weight of his own age.

Then comes the time, the high, to get old, to climb down. Only understood when the baggage is already too big. You know you are coming down.

You can do nothing. Most of the time it is something that you yourself have done that is making your climb down faster. You get unsettled, scared & tensed. You try to escape but only end up adding further baggage. Making the climb down faster.

There is no alternative. The brain or perhaps the soul knows. Only option is to accept, cool down, sober up and leave everything to fate, to time. There is no point acting and trying to make things better. Time's already up. The point is in survival. It is about getting used to the slide of time.

It is about feeling the age building in you. Acknowledging it. We all have to.

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