Monday, July 5, 2010

Why this Blog?

I think I have an extremely curious, logical mind that questions everything in sight. At the same time I am very perceptive to nature. I find that plants love me, dogs and cats love me, kids love me and more importantly I can relate to them. I can talk to them.

I have always questioned conventional thinking and that strangely makes me scared to go to doctors. Most of them are just applying what had been written without understanding much. This is true for most of us in our respective fields. We apply knowledge and logic at face value.

There are millions of instances when a father does not feed water to the kid when the kid is having loose motion or worse, diarrhoea. Logically, to the father, it will only increase the frequency of the kid's toilet visits.

There are instances when a doctor does not remember the amount of tetanus vaccine to be administered into the muscle. Once, this is real, the doctor had actually injected 5 ml into the muscle of another doctor, as the other doctor had a rat bite !! Imagine 5 ml of foreign liquid in a dense tissue body like the muscle. Even if we don't consider the poisonous nature of our vaccines in higher doses, the 5 ml will pain that muscle part for hours like mad. It is common logic that anything to be injected in muscle cannot be more than .5 ml or even lesser. 

I have issues with these kinds of thinking.

And then there are so many questions that need deeper understanding: why do we itch? why do we sweat and our under-arms smell? why does a kid cry? how to understand our own body? Why does Baba Ramdev's breathing techniques work? etc etc ... and a million etcs

I am not a doctor. I am not qualified to write this blog. However, going by the freedom of expression I enjoy and your logic to take/assimilate whatever you feel logical from this blog, I have taken up to write my understanding about Our Body. Our Mind. And Many Mysteries.